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Preferred Partners

Check out our preferred partners below.

1 - Title Insurance Companies

Contact: Amy Auerbach & Megan V. Coulson
Phone: 727-596-0700
Alt. Phone: 727-584-5599
Closer/Business Development Licensed Title Agent... Read More
Contact: Lorna Metcalf
Phone: 727-420-5614
Sales Consultant ... Read More
Contact: April Kalapp
Phone: 877-727-5923
Alt. Phone: 727-431-2486
Title Insurance... Read More

Finance & Mortgage

Contact: Aristides Priakos
Phone: 727-252-3222
Contact: Frank Coto III, President
Phone: 813-765-1239
Alt. Phone: 813-319-5363
Contact: Diana Harvey
Phone: 727-458-2005
Mortgage Loan Originator... Read More
Contact: Maureen Cancelino
Phone: 727-608-2725
Contact: Johnny Cardosi
Phone: 727-260-6280
Alt. Phone: 727-403-1971
Senior Mortgage Loan Originator (NMLS#208408)... Read More
Contact: Ed Koch
Phone: 727-582-9848
Alt. Phone: 727-420-1397
Mortgage Loan Originator... Read More
Contact: Alan Rotz
Phone: 727-712-9200
Alt. Phone: 727-644-3077
Contact: Melissa S. Delwiche
Phone: 727-726-7065 Ext 223
Alt. Phone: 727-466-7037
Mortgage Loan Officer (NMLSR#1017432)... Read More
Contact: Jim Reed
Phone: 813-489-4713
Alt. Phone: 813-489-4713

Financial Planners

Contact: Daniel Petrucelli
Phone: 727-584-5237
Alt. Phone: 727-243-7224

Home & Garden Services

Contact: Brian Pelfrey
Phone: 727-553-9100
We are committed to offering only the finest flora... Read More

Home Service Providers

Contact: Drew Corazza
Phone: 727-461-6149
Contact: Heather Lalk
Phone: 727-297-8200
Alt. Phone: 813-297-8200
Marketing Manager ... Read More
Contact: Heather Lalk
Phone: 727-442-9999
Alt. Phone: 813-264-5040
Residential Contractor... Read More
Contact: Keith Danko
Phone: 727-943-9682
Cleaning Service... Read More
Contact: Michael & Marlene F. Brown
Phone: 727-678-8515
Alt. Phone: 727-678-5644
In Home Concierge Services... Read More
Contact: Darrell Heard
Phone: 727-7989-9501
Contact: Andrew Munger
Phone: 815-978-1766

Inspection Services

Contact: Jack Perruccio
Phone: 800-831-6189
Contact: Michael Potts
Phone: 727-224-0837
Contact: Jack Perruccio
Phone: 800-831-6189
Certified Inspector #201232... Read More

Insurance Provider

Contact: Geoff Davis
Phone: 727-808-9345
Contact: Lori LaCoppola
Phone: 800-698-0422 Ext 7970
Home Warranty ... Read More
Contact: Russ Walthall
Phone: 727-282-3609
Contact: Laura Vetter
Phone: 813-514-3255
Alt. Phone: 888-492-7359
Contact: Brian Brown
Phone: 800-282-7131 x 1399
Contact: Russ Walthall
Phone: 727-282-3609
Insurance ... Read More
Contact: Drew Scott
Phone: 727-786-0090

Other Resources

Contact: David Vought
Phone: 727-403-2726
Contact: Dino Alvino
Phone: 727-623-6305
Contact: Laura Gonzalez
Phone: 727-656-7542
Contact: Jackie Werner
Phone: 603-991-2862
Contact: Sonny Bennett
Phone: 727-409-0890
Contact: Kinnie Koonce
Phone: 727-851-0979
Contact: Darla Timerman
Phone: 727-444-4551
Contact: Moira Stalker
Phone: 727-657-7128
Contact: Jennifer Contreras
Phone: 727-729-1547


Contact: Marea Dorian
Phone: 727-725-8400
Contact: Jeremy Best
Phone: 727-422-4696
Contact: Jon Cancelino
Residential, Commercial, Editorial, Fashion, Weddi... Read More

Protection & Relief Services

Contact: Sean Doyal
Phone: 727-667-5101

Real Estate Services

Contact: Peter Kyres
Phone: 352-794-6087
Alt. Phone: 813-393-0617
Contact: Kenneth G. Arsenault, Esq.
Phone: (727) 584-1199
Contact: Peter Kyres
Phone: 813-393-0617
Phone: 727-498-0620